How do I register on Network14?

To create a profile, you will need to complete our online registration.

Setting up a Sponsor or Nominee profile can be completed in a few minutes however we recommend you tailor your profile to ensure the best possible representation. Take time to ensure your abilities and achievements reflect what you have to offer and a carefully selected appropriate profile picture will make a significant difference.

Setting up an Employer profile can be completed in as a little as 5 minutes however we recommend that you spend time ensuring your final profile is truly reflective of the great offering your organisation has for prospective hires. We advise you provide detail of the culture of your firm as well as the training and development on offer – if you also have a great environment, make sure you mention it. Top off your Employer profile by uploading your logo to help your Assignments stand out from the crowd.

Who can see my information?

Network14 is a completely private Network. Protected with SSL encryption, no one can browse or view your profile and your information will not be used for any unrelated marketing purposes – we will fiercely protect this. Sponsor / Nominee details are only visible to an Employer once a specific application has been made. No one will know that you are part of Network14 unless you choose it to be known.

Am I able to update or change my profile details?

Absolutely. Simply log in to your user account and you can continually update or customise your profile as you see fit. A well-considered Nominee profile will elevate your chances of being considered for an Assignment. An enhanced Sponsor profile will increase your credibility as a provider of valuable insight by an Employer rendering your Nominees chances of securing the Assignment (and your charity benefiting) all the stronger.

Why can I only see part of an Assignment description?

Whether you are browsing as a prospective Sponsor or Nominee, in order to see the full details of an Assignment you must complete online registration first.

Am I able to apply for an Assignment without a Sponsor?

I am afraid not. The unique offering of Network14 requires that any Nominee for an Assignment is accompanied with the support of a Sponsor. Commitment to this process delivers significant benefit to the Employer, massively increases your chances of being considered for the role and ensures ONLY those who genuinely believe they are right for the Assignment go forward. The charitable donation offered by the Employer will only be completed if a Network14 Nominee is hired via this process.

Can the same Sponsor represent me for multiple Assignments?

Ultimately that is up to the Sponsor to decide. Here at Network14 we would recommend that you are extremely selective about the Assignments that you consider and that you apply an equally high level of selectivity regarding the Sponsor you wish to represent you. An Employer will determine your suitability for consideration based on the relevance and credibility of your Sponsor as well as your professional background.

Can I be represented by multiple Sponsors?

No. Each application comprises one Nominee and one Sponsor. In the event a Sponsor declines to sponsor you (or a Nominee declines an offer of sponsorship) you are free to engage with an alternative contact in your network. Here at Network14 we highly recommend that you directly contact your Sponsor / Nominee BEFORE forwarding a “Sponsor Request” or “Sponsor Offer” to explore their interest. In this manner they will be aware an invitation will be forthcoming that requires their response and reduces the likelihood of a declined invitation.

I cannot see any Assignments that are suited to me, what should I do?

New Assignments are added daily so regularly revisit to browse and explore. Alternatively, you can set up an email alert to notify you of appropriate Assignments meeting your requirements. Email alerts are managed via the Settings section available on your dashboard.

Don’t forget that you can also explore if there are any Assignments suited to contacts within your own network. Offering to act as a Sponsor means not just supporting a peer but a charity that you support could benefit too.

Can I use a tailored CV to apply for an Assignment?

Definitely. In fact, we would recommend that given the level of commitment you are showing by adopting the Network14 approach, tailoring your CV to each Assignment is a great indicator of how serious you are about the role. Simply upload the desired version of your CV and, in making an application, select the version you wish to attach from the Library on your dashboard which is where all your documents are stored.

What happens after I make an application?

You can track the status of your application by viewing the Assignments tab on your dashboard. The status will indicate if your application is either Pending, Viewed, Progressed or Declined. Where an Employer expresses interest, they will be in direct contact with you to initiate their hiring process. Sponsors will be contacted during the hiring process to arrange a brief conversation during which their valuable insight will be taken.

Once I’ve given my commitment to Sponsor, what happens next?

Your Nominee will need to complete the application process by uploading their CV and any other requested information for the Assignment. You may be asked to provide a brief written comment on the nature of your relationship with the Nominee and the rationale for you agreeing to be their sponsor for the role – this will help the Employer in their initial selection process. Should your Nominee progress go to interview, the Employer may request your availability for a brief 5-10 minutes telephone call to help qualify and quantify your awareness of relevant technical proficiency, behavioural competencies, leadership style, previous achievements and suitability against the requirements of the Assignment. You will be able to tick off this activity as complete on your profile after the call. Once the Employer finalises their interview process and, in the event your Nominee is successfully engaged, Network14 will be in direct contact with you to confirm your preferred charity to receive the advertised donation.

What happens if an advertised Assignment expires whilst I am waiting to hear from my Sponsor / Nominee?

Don’t worry. Providing you sent the Sponsor Request or Offer of Sponsorship whilst the Assignment was still active, you will still be able to complete the application process. Assignments are live for up to 4 weeks from the date of posting but we would naturally suggest you do not delay once you have decided to get involved.

What happens if a Nominee / Sponsor is unresponsive to an Employers contact request?

The benefit of having a Nominee & Sponsor involved in the process is that one can give the other a nudge! If a nudge has failed to achieve the desired response, feel free to contact us via the chat facility for alternative recommendations or support.

How do I access Technical Support?

For any queries that you might have please email and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can access our chat facility which is manned from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for live-time support.

I don’t have a Credit/Debit Card available to make purchases, is it possible to be invoiced for Credits instead?

Yes, we can support that. Credits purchased via Credit/Debit cards are instantly available for usage. For one-off credit purchases we are happy to arrange for an invoice to be sent out however you will not receive your credits until we have confirmed receipt of payment. For monthly billing based on usage please contact and we will organise an order form to be sent out to you as soon as possible. Once we receive a signed copy of your order form you will be able to access unlimited credits for which you receive a monthly invoice based on usage. Monthly billing based on usage is subject to a minimal annual usage levy (details are within the terms of business and on the order form).

Is it possible to delete my profile from Network14?

Should you wish to have your profile removed from the Network, simply drop a note to or contact us via the chat facility stating that you wish us to delete your profile. All information and documents relating to your profile will be removed and you will not be able to re-access your details. For legal reasons we would retain details of any Assignments you had applied to or where you had operated as a Sponsor

Employers looking to remove their Employer profile can also contact us via or alternatively via the chat facility. For legal reasons details of Assignments posted, Nominees received and viewed, Sponsors viewed and contacted, Offers extended and donations completed would be retained. For any other information regarding your involvement with Network14, please refer to the Terms of Business which you will find in the Library section of your Employer profile dashboard (before deactivation request).

My Nominee has been offered the Assignment, what happens next?

Once a confirmed offer has been accepted, Network14 will directly contact the relevant Sponsor to identify their preferred charity to receive the advertised donation. Once the charity has been validated as a legally registered charitable organisation, the donation will be completed further to the Nominee commencing in their new role (and once the donation has been received from the Employer). The remittance notice provided by the charity will be shared with both the Sponsor and the Employer to assure that their donation has been gratefully received and made a difference.