What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is an experienced professional qualified to provide fact-based insight on technical, behavioural and performance related attributes of a Nominee. They will have a professional relationship with a Nominee rendering them suitable to provide accurate, relevant and credible responses to specific Employer queries. Where an Employer expresses interest to progress with a Nominee, Sponsors will commit to a 10-15 minute conversation to share their insights and responses.

Why should I become
a Sponsor?

You will be making a difference. If your Nominee secures the Assignment a charity of your choice will be rewarded with the entire available donation amount. As a Sponsor you will influence and aid decision making benefitting Employers with your insight and familiarity with their next prospective hire.

How we do it
Network14 Ambassadors

Network14 Ambassadors

Ambassadors are handpicked by Network14.

Selected on the basis of the strength of their own network, functional or industry expertise, the depth of the insight they can provide, quality and suitability of nominations previously made and responsiveness to Employer contact requests - Ambassador nominations are not to be overlooked.


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How do I become a Sponsor?

Registering as a Sponsor can be completed in as little as 2 minutes. Simply sign up, create and personalise your profile and you’re ready to view open Assignments. Suitable options for contacts within your network can be forwarded to a carefully selected Nominee. Once a Nominee has confirmed their interest and been reviewed by the Employer you may be contacted to provide additional supporting information.

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